Thursday, October 22, 2009

Artist Statement (Revised 1)

My name is Brandon Rodkewitz. I developed a strong interest in conveying my world through photography from relatively early age. My education has provided me with a healthy experience and appreciation for the foundation and the history of my primary medium, and I have fully embraced the digital age. I love the way that the lens and frame can direct the viewer’s eye and mind. As an artist I am by far my harshest critic. I have high self-expectations from my work and a piece that I personally find to be successful is both rewarding and motivating. The primary goal of my work is to help others view things in a way in which they have never seen before – my works have been both widely interpretable, and focused and informational.
Currently my work has been an attempt to visualize the way(s) in which we develop ideas – visual representations of what one sees as a thought or idea in one’s mind becomes clearly evident. This “pre-clarity” is a combination of our subconscious as well as sensory stimuli – much of which we disregard or forget about once the idea is clear and formulated. I feel it is a valuable tool for one to have a ready knowledge of how one’s ideas come about.

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